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Hello everyone! My name is Josie, 18 years old, US. Cali girl trapped in south Texas. I'm into rock and roll, K-pop, and anything Korean, Disney movies, and spending time with my sister (since she's my best friend basically). I'm a military brat, so I've been all over the U.S and to three countries, but I was luck enough to spend 5 years in California (age 10-15) which is why I consider myself a cali girl cause I went through my growing up phases there. I know I look much younger than 18, but I swear, I was born March 14, 1996. Ummm, what else...Oh! I'm a redhead, but its hard to see in the crap lighting in some of my pics. I wear contacts. And...I like to talk to people and just have nice conversations and make friends. It's nice to meet you all!
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Your welcome! :)

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